Atc Info

ATC is short for Artist Trading Card. These little works of art should be traded with fellow artists or given away, but never sold. The size must be 2.5 inches x 3.5 inches, or in metric 64mm x 89mm, and can be made in landscape or portrait Other than the size, there are no particular rules to follow. Combine different materials and elements to create unique and one of a kind cards. Sign, number and date the backs of your cards. These cards are not meant to be sold but if you like, there are groups that trade and collect these cards.
 More information:
Start with the size in mind. Artist trading cards are generally 2 1/2 by 3 1/2 inches. This is the size of playing
cards and other trading cards. You can even start with mismatched
playing cards as a base for collage. Card Stock is what most are using
at the moment. Use what ever you feel comfortable working with.

Materials. Colored cardstock, stickers, die cuts, you name it you can use it. You can even find printable atc images to work with.. The sky is the
limit with these little works of art and no atc is identical.

Mod-podge. some atc artist coat thier atc with mod-podge to protect special works of art and photos.

Protecting Cards. These card can fit in base ball protective sheets. Great for storage and placed in binders.

Painting. Some artist paint their designs and works of art, it's not a requirement , any thing is possible with these tiny works of art.

Making the Cards Personal: Leaving your information or Stamp on the back. Examples below. You can always creat your own personalized stamp.

There is no limit to your ideas or artistic abilities its what ever you can imagine. This is just helpful hints and types. You do not have to limit yourself to specifics, the sky is the limit.